System of tournament

The tournament is divided into two parts – matches of group stage and final tournament.

The group stage is formed by maximum of 8 teams. In the group stage each team will play every other team; the winner of the group will qualify for the Friday´s finals.

In the final, each team will play every other team and the final will be won by one of the teams depending on the number of matches won, the number of sets won, the number of points scored, the lesser number of sets lost, the lesser number of points lost, and the result of the match between the two particular teams, in that order of priority.

Basic rules of game

The game will be participated in by two teams. Each team is made up of 6 players (it has to be at least 1 woman in the team), 2 substitutes are permitted. Substitution is permited during the game intermissions but the referee has to be always informed.

Each team has a name and a captain who represents his or her team during a lot drawing at the beginning of each match, assumes responsibility for the behavior of his or her team and is the only player permitted to speak to the referee.

One person may not play for 2 different teams; where the opponents agree (such as in order to meet the one woman per team requirement), an exception is permitted conditional on the opponent’s ap­proval.

The game is played on one playing court – the surface will be artificial grass.

System of game

The game is played until a team has won 2 sets and the first team to score 15 points with a minimum lead of 2 points wins the particular set.

Where both teams have an equal score of 14 points, the game continues until there is a lead of 2 points (16:14, 17:15,…).

A match not won within 30 minutes will be won by the team with more points scored and, where the teams have scored an equal number of points, the match will be won by the team that wins the next rally.


If a team refuses to play after having been requested to that effect or fails to appear on the playing court within 10 minutes of the scheduled start of the match, the team is declared “absent” and forfeits the match with the result 0:2 for the match and 0:15 for each set.

Prizes and medals will only be awarded to the players recorded on the score sheet.