Basic rules and the voting

  1. The contest is open for all employees of the companies that have their seat in The Park.
  2. Before submitting pictures, it is needed to register for the contest by filling in the registration form.
  3. Registration of photographs will take place from June 11th to July 30th. There are two ways of evaluation. A professional jury will select 50 best pictures and also award first three placements to the best pictures. The jury will be formed of the representatives of the organizer of the contest and professional photographers.
  4. From August the 6th until August the 26th there will be an on-line vote on the Facebook page of Parklife. Seventeen pictures with the most votes (‚Facebook likes‘) and the first three chosen by the jury will be subsequently printed out and then displayed in an exhibition in The Park. Anyone can take part in the voting and can vote for any number of pictures. This also applies to the photographers. The voting is here..

Topic of the contest

  1. The topic of the contest is “Free”. The contest has no genre or any other limitations.
  2. Computer modifications of the pictures, experiments etc. are permitted.

Registration of photographs

  1. Each author may register up to 3 photographs in the contest. It is possible to change the registered photographs during the registration phase.
  2. By registering a photograph in the contest the sender confirms that he/she is the author of the photograph and grants his/her consent for its publication and subsequent displaying on the pages If the photograph places on one of the winning positions he/she agrees with its publication in the promotion materials of the organizer of the contest and its displaying on the premises of The Park.
  3. The organizer shall not be liable for the origin and the authenticity of the photographs. Fully liable for the violation of copyright is the contestant.
  4. Photographs with an ethically inappropriate content will be disqualified.

Technical parameters of photographs:

  1. Parameters for sending the photographs – max. 3 photographs, JPEG format only, maximum data size 5 MB.
  2. Please, send the photographs without logos, watermarks, copyrights or other identifiers (EXIF etc.) so that the contest is unbiased.
  3. Photographs will be automatically re-sized for publication on the web. The photos in their original sizes will be archived for possible further publication. After the end of the vote, the authors of the winning photographs will be asked to send their photos in the maximum resolution for large format printing of the photos for the summer exhibition in The Park.