Tournament organization

  1. In the basic groups as well as in the final group the system „all-play-all“ is applied.
  2. All games are played without a referee (which does not mean cheating is allowed :-))


  1. Games are played in accordance with current FIDE rules for Rapid Chess. See the section Download bellow.
  2. Game limit is 2×45 minutes.
  3. The players draw lots to choose the color of their chess pieces before the game.
  4. The players pick up the chess clock at the reception of AIG/Lincoln, building 24. After they finish their game, they return it back or hand it over to the next couple of players.


  1. A game may end by victory of one of the players or by a draw.
  2. The winner gains one 1 point for each game s/he wins.
  3. In case of a draw each player gets 0.5 point.
  4. If a player fails to come to play a game at an agreed date until the end of the time set for the game without apology, s/he loses by default. In this case, the opponent gains 1 point.
  5. If both players do not play the game at the set date at all, the system automatically assigns 0 points to both players.
  6. The ranking within the group and the winner is determined by the number of points gained. In case of equality of the points, the following criteria in the following order shall decide: Sonnenborn-Berger system (SB, Neustadtl score), mutual game, higher number of won games, ballot.
  7. The principle of Sonnenborn-Berger system. For each opponent whom the player has beaten, his/her score in the SB system is increased by the sum of tournament points gained by the opponent, and for each opponent with whom the player has tied, s/he gets half of the opponent's tou­rnament points. For an opponent with whom the player lost, nothing is added to his/her score.

Self-service system

  1. The tournament website has been designed in such a way that the whole tournament process is automatic and that the players are able to administer it themselves.
  2. All registered players shall get at the beginning of the tournament an authentic login name and password which they will be using throughout the tournament.
  3. At the same time each player shall receive by e-mail a list of co-players in the basic group, the winners subsequently also the list of the final group. The list shall contain contact details entered at the registration.
  4. The players themselves shall agree on individual games. The dates of the match, as well as their prospective changes, are up to the players’ mutual agreement. Please bear in mind that you have to finish all matches in the given time limit. 
  5. The „Schedule of Games“ section will show an overview of all games in all groups. After entering your login name and password, the player will see his/her current games. Their content may then be edited.
  6. In the first place, it is necessary to book a particular time on the chessboard for the agreed games in „Schedule of Games“. You can choose times always with 2-hour intervals on workdays from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m. We do not expect a great rush at other times. But you can of course play the game at any time when the chessboard is free. But if the couple who has reserved the chessboard for that particular time appears, naturally they have priority.
  7. After the game is over, it is the duty of the winner to log in the system and to enter the result in the schedule of games, or rather, to enter the points for himself/herself and for the opponent – 1 point for victory, 0.5 point for both players in case of a draw and 0 points for a lost game.
  8. In case of disputes, it is possible to refer to the organizer of the tournament via e-mail and to solve the issue. During the whole tournament, we rely on helpfulness and fair play conduct of all participants. The main goal is, after all, to have fun together and spend summer time in a pleasant way.


  1. In the section „Results“, the running ranking of the players will be displayed during the tournament.
  2. After the main round is finished, the program shall compute the final results in accordance with the procedure specified in the Assessment section. The same system applies to the final group.

Rewards and prizes

  1. After the whole tournament is finished, we will contact the winners and arrange with them handing over of the deserved rewards for the first, second, and third place in the tournament.

We wish beautiful summer weather and many successful moves to all players.


FIDE rules: Laws-Of-Chess-FIDE-2009.pdf (294 kB)
Chess clock – guide book: DGT2010-manual.pdf (3 095 kB)